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Bridge-to-Bridge Corridor Public Meeting


The Kingston BUILD (Building Urban Infrastructures for Long-term Development) program is an ambitious initiative aimed at revitalizing and enhancing the infrastructure of Kingston, focusing on sustainable development and urban resilience. This program seeks to address critical areas such as transportation, public spaces, and economic growth by implementing modern, eco-friendly technologies and practices. Through collaborative efforts between local government, businesses, and the community, Kingston BUILD aims to create a more connected and vibrant urban environment that meets the needs of its residents and supports future growth.

At a recent public meeting, officials discussed the Bridge-to-Bridge Corridor Master Plan, a key component of the Kingston BUILD program. This plan focuses on the comprehensive development of the area between the two main bridges in Kingston, emphasizing improvements in traffic flow, pedestrian and cyclist accessibility, and aesthetic enhancements. The meeting highlighted community feedback, which stressed the importance of preserving historical landmarks while integrating new green spaces and public amenities. Attendees expressed strong support for the project’s potential to boost local commerce and improve quality of life, while also raising concerns about construction timelines and budget allocations. The discussion underscored a commitment to transparent planning and ongoing community engagement to ensure the project’s success. Learn more.

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