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Kingston, Tennessee

City Court

City Court

City of Kingston Traffic Court

Judge – Brenda Hall-McDonald
City Court Clerk – Tiffany Moore

City Hall Courtroom
900 Waterford Place
Kingston, TN 37763
Second Floor

*Court is normally held on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 6:00 P.M.*

Court Clerk Service Counter Hours:
Monday through Friday – 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.

The Municipal Court, otherwise known as “City court”, has jurisdiction within the City of Kingston over cases involving violation of City ordinances and adopted codes, such as traffic citations and parking tickets. Other city ordinance violations include but are not limited to animal control, building & zoning codes, business regulations, environmental, noise, and ordinances involving personal behavior.

If you want to plead guilty and pay for your citation you can do so in person, online, or over the phone at any time before your scheduled court date. We currently accept Debit/Credit Card, Cash, Money Order, or Personal Check. If you cannot appear on your scheduled court date, please contact our office and we will gladly reset your case on a date that is convenient for you and the citing Officer.

For questions, call (865) 376-2081, option one(1).

All mail to the City Court Clerk should be addressed to:
City of Kingston
Attn: Court Clerk
900 Waterford Place
Kingston, TN 37763

Courtroom Decorum

  • Wear clothing suitable for court. While business or formal attire is not required, you should dress in a manner that shows respect for the court and that shows that you are serious about your case.
  • Arrive at court on time or before court. If you are not present in court at the time your case is called for trial, the Court may proceed to a hearing without you.
  • Do not move around the courtroom when you are being questioned, when you are providing testimony to the court, or when you are questioning others. Try to remain behind the podium or in the area identified by Court Staff that is appropriate for testifying or asking questions.
  • Stand when providing testimony to the Court or examining witnesses.
  • Silence all mobile telephones and electronic devices while in court.
  • Do not argue with the court, Court Staff, witnesses, or anyone in the courtroom.

No Weapons Policy

Weapons of any kind are not permitted in court. Prior to entering the court, all people are subject to a screening by the Court Officer.

Trial Dates and Location

The Municipal Court hears cases in the Court Room located on the second floor of the Kingston City Hall.
Click here for the 2023 Court Schedule

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