SATURDAY, MAY 18, 2019 AT 9:00 AM-10 PM

Hardship Hill OCR is an off-road course that has over 25 man-made and natural obstacles participants must clear to continue on.  The 2+ mile looped course winds around the hillside of Fort Southwest Point and explores the natural topography of this historic site on the shores of beautiful Watts Bar Lake.  Hardship Hill OCR starts and finishes inside the walls of the fort, which serves as Base Camp for the weekend.

Teams of up to 8 people take turns running two team members at a time around the course for a total of 5 hours or 10 hours.  Prizes are awarded for the most laps completed in the time frame.  Run it as a competitive team or just to have some fun.  For more info or to register go to: www.dirtybirdevents.com/Hardship-hill-ocr


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